The Relda Trio


Art's passion for the harmonica goes back a long way. Together with Vincent van Rooyen he started the first harmonica trio in South Africa in 1954.
Since they had no chord harmonica they found Bryan Jones willing to accompany them on guitar until they got a chord harmonica.
The photograph below was taken for "Die Landstem" at the Rialto Theater in The Strand where they had their very first performance at a talent competition where they took the second place.

First Harmonica Trio
First Harmonica Trio- 1954
Brian Jones - Guitar
Vincent van Rooyen - Chromatic Harmonica
Art Daane - Bass Harmonica

When they received their chord harmonica they became a real harmonica trio. A name was soon found, Larry Adler had been a world famous harmonica player, and it was his name that created their's, but backwards.
Here they are seen when they visited "Matroosberg" on their way to a concert.

Relda Trio
The Relda Trio on Matroosberg - 1954
Art Daane - Bass Harmonica
Vincent van Rooyen - Chromatic Harmonica
Brian Jones - Chord Harmonica

In 1959 they joined the "Ladino Concert Group" which was staging a musical. "Jan van Hunks en die Duiwel." A musical tour around the world, starting at the foot of Table Mountain.

They became a well sought after act and toured all over the Western Cape with "Piet Pompies," "Leslie Richfield" and "Ginger Jennings" Shows.
Their first highlight was a 'live' radio broadcast for the SABC in 1956.

Relda Trio
The Relda Trio `Live` at SABC - 1956
Brian Jones - Chord Harmonica
Vincent van Rooyen - Chromatic Harmonica
Art Daane - Bass Harmonica

When The Relda trio wanted to become more professional, they seeked the help of Max Adler. A well-known Accordionist and teacher in Cape Town, and took lessons from a choreographer to improve their stage appearance.
Max suggested forming a larger group. Max wrote some arrangements for a quintet, which never got a real name because they only performed a couple of times. In remembrance of Max, Art chose "The 5 Adlers" sadly it only lasted a few months.

The 5 Adlers
The 5 Adlers - 1956.
Kenneth White- Lead
Donald White - Chord
Art Daane - Bass
Dave Barlow (not visible) Harmony
Vincent van Rooyen - Harmony

The Relda Trio had become a well established act, weekly radio shows, theatre productions and commercials kept them busy. Touring the country with comedian "Piet Pompies" took most of their time, at times distances were great and sometimes had to travel all weekend to do just one show.
They were regular guests in the Caltex- and Atlantic shows, on SAUK and SABC radio, and appeared on Springbok Radio.

During the summer months they did the Cape Town circuit including the open air shows at Seapoint. Performed at the Alhambra Theater for the "Woodstock Train Disaster Fund," and were part of the variety show "Van Hunks and the Devil" with which they toured the Western Cape for several months.

At the end of 1960 Art left for New Zealand, which would have meant the end of the Relda Trio.
However, Vincent found a new bass player and continued until they broke up in 1963.

Relda Trio 2
The Relda Trio - 1960-1963
Brian Jones - Chord
Vincent van Rooyen - Lead
Eddie Kirkwood - Bass

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