The Chromatas

G. W. Gaasendam, Chords/ Harmonetta - J. de Jonge, Rhythm Guitar
J. Hoeksema, Bass - Ph. Gaasendam, 64 Chromatic

Harmonica ensemble "The Chromatas":

It was in 1946 when Ph. Gaasendam (Chromatic), G.W.Gaasendam (Chord) en P. Buwalda (Bass) got together to start a harmonica trio. It was this trio that auditioned for the then-called R.O.N. in the Martinikerkhof in the city of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands.
In June 1947 the name was founded. The ensemble then also changed pesonnel and became a quartet. The members were Ph. Gaasendam (lead), G.W . Gaasendam (chords), H. v.der Hoef (harmony) and J. Hoeksema (bass). Their first three numbers; "In to each Life some rain must fall", "Undecided"and "Harlem" were recorded in the Stentor Studio in Groningen.

Their first "LIVE" broadcast came from the R.O.N. studio on 21 June 1951. In 1952 they slimmed down to a trio again with:
Ph. Gaasendam (lead), G.W. Gaasendam (chords) and J. de Jonge (bass).
The success of this trio is best described like this:
They entered a immense amateur music contest for orchestras, ensembles and choires in 1952. This was held in the "Frigge" ( Winter garden) in the Herestraat in Groningen. They won the contest, colllected two hundred and fifty guilders in cash, a recording contract with a major radio station in Hilversum and a contract with a vaudeville company "Herman Rinket Variété" in Groningen. The Chromatas won these prices with:
"Tell me why", "Teddy bears picknick" and "Sweet Georgia Brown". The Chromatas became known nation-wide, and this lead to several radio broadcasts like "AVRO's Tip-Top Taptoe" with the radio orchestra "De Skymasters", the Lady-trio, the pianio "Andre de Raaff and Jack Schutte" and many, many more.
They also did radio broadcasts for "KRO", "NCRV" and the "VARA's Regenboog" a special program for the ill, and was recorded in "Beatrixoord" in Appelscha in the county of Groningen.
Because of work pressure and studies it was hard to maintain the professional level, and this lead to the abandoning of the ensemble.

In 1988, after seeing the legendary Stephane Grapelli of the Hotclub de France, they decided to start up a group again.
The 80 year old Grapelli, co-founder of the Hotclub de France with Django Reinhardt in 1935, made such a deep impression on them with his improvising that they planned to start playing again. The members this time were:
G. W. Gaasendam, Chords/ Harmonetta - J. de Jonge, Rhythm Guitar
J. Hoeksema, Bass - Ph. Gaasendam, 64 Chromatic. (See above photograph) The CD they produced contains mostly the works of the latter period and a couple of older recordings. Unfortunately most of their early recordings have been lost.
It has to be made known that this CD is self-produced product.
The Cromatas wish all those interested in their CD much listening pleasure.

The Chromatas, 6 July 2002.

When listening to their CD one can hear the influence of the Hotclub de France, a delight to hear someting different for a change.
Art M. Daane.

CD Title:
The Chromatas 1946-1991.

1. Coquette
2. Honeysuckle Rose
3. Undecided
4. Lineke
5. Whispering
6. Teddy Bear's Picnic
7. Dinah
8. Libelle
9. Sweet Sue, Just You
10. H.S.Q. Strut
11. Roses of Picardy
12. Sweet Georgia Brown
13. Why
14. Coquette (bonus track)

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